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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Uber Truth Will Set You Free

We keep hearing the same thing, over and over again - whatever works is fair game, all's fair in war and business, we'll never get caught.
This is a refrain as old as time; what's different is that we're hearing it more and more.  The backrooms are less closed than they used to be; accountability is, slowly, becoming a two way thing.  It's Networked Intelligence, Conscious Society, Social Murmuration, whatever you want to call it - but it's happening.
You can fight the change all you want, figuring you're tougher than anyone else and that this trend will pass; or, you can lead the charge.
The choice is always yours, whether you recognize it or not.
Such is the uber truth, like a sunbeam poking it's way into a cave.  We can jump at shadows, or we can move into the light.

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