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Friday, 2 May 2014

X Marks the Spot: Open Hand vs Closed Fist

Election season has fallen on Ontario.  Sides are being taken and the yin that accompanies every yang is being ignored as lines get drawn.

Does it matter if one policy or other appeals?  Those who sell it are my foe, and that's what matters.  

Politics is a blood sport - it's about winning or losing.  Power, that is - power over the Legislative agenda.  At least for a time.  The pendulum always swings, until the wear from the constant shifts breaks the system entirely.

There's this thing that happens, though, when you don't generalize, when you look to harness the good that goes along with every bad.  Opportunity knocks, community gets built and resiliency, not elimination, prevails.

The way forward is never found at the extremes.  It's always nurtured from the centre.

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