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Thursday, 1 May 2014

What Do Political Staff have in common with Foreign Workers?

Jason is a stand-up guy.  Like most political staff, he believes in what he does, does it well and cares about the future of his province.  He's a human being, though, with a life outside of politics.  He probably won't work in government forever, but while he's there, he's doing a good job.

He does not deserve to have his name and reputation tarnished in the big power-struggle games that politics inevitably engenders.  The same holds true for most political staff.

Judge 'em by the company they keep, you say?  Well, that company is government - that entity tasked with establishing and promoting public policy.  If that's bad company to keep, we're all in trouble.

The same thing is happening with hard-working foreign labourers who come here for an opportunity.  The door was opened to them, they've walked through and are doing as expected.  That they become subjects of scorn by other Canadians unable or unwilling to take on the jobs Temporary Foreign Workers are filling is not their fault.

We've got a skewed sense of judgement and justice in this country.  It's fueled by a narrow and exclusive definition of success.

It's not the people, but the system that's the problem.  To address structural fixes, though, we have to revist our exepctations of our system.

Open Government, Responsible Society.  You can't have one without the other.

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