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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Driving Mayor Ford

I'd disagree with that.  Yeah, he offers a ton of scandal, but the longer he's in the spotlight, the more opportunity we have to explore our relationship with authority, our priorities and our willingness to solve problems and at what cost.

Rob Ford is a sick man; I'd argue his position has made him sicker.  But we've let that happen.  In particular, his closest enablers have let that happen.

If Rob Ford is a bad man, then we're bad people for letting the Ford Show continue.  If we had justification for choosing to ignore what we didn't like in favour of what we did or using him as a punching bag instead of trying to help him, then Ford's entitled to some justification, too.

The lesson in this, to me, is that none of us can claim moral superiority over the other - stones, glass houses, etc.  And we'll never get out of our rut so long as we continue to view ourselves as individuals in silos rather than partners in a system.

I'm pretty sure that's a message we've heard before, too.

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