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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Spin-Based Community: Tim Hudak Cribs Dick Cheney

There's this thing about being focused on the win to the exclusion of all else - the closer you get to it, the more likely you are to dismiss all else.
Perhaps this makes sense if you're running a race and are trying to channel your energy towards a finite point in time - but it isn't leadership.
Leaders realize the landscape changes and that the people you're at odds with are still going to be there when the race is over. 
Tim Hudak, however, is not a leader.  He sees himself as the boss.
When you're the boss, you make the rules and write the history books.  You're history's actor; you shoot from the lip.
That's how Dick Cheney did it for George W Bush and you know what?  It worked out brilliantly for all concerned, especially the GOP.  It's what Harper is doing with Canada at large, as evidenced by his attacks on facts that disagree with his view of the world.
At least now we know why Hudak's such a fan of the manufactured economy.

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