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Wednesday 28 May 2014

Tim Hortons Develops the TwitterChat PowerAisle

  1. Post grab a beverage or treat before heading home. 33 University Ave. Located near Union station.

Canada's #1 Marketing & Innovation Conference wrapped up for today at around 5pm.  The Twitter chatter - which had been going at a frenzied rate all day as ideas excited interest and tweeters starts to connect with each other was coming to an end.  It was time to go home.

When out of the blue emerged a sudden tweet, almost like an enticing signal to end the day with a cup of java to digest ideas over.

This was sheer brilliance by whoever is running the Tims Twitter account or is planning overall strategy.  In either case, a tip of the hats is due for the brilliance of this.  Subtle hints: we're on your route, we have treats.  And it's Tims.

I don't know if they got traffic as a result of this, but they certainly got props from folk like me.

I instantly dubbed this the #TwitterPowerWall, because a while-departing tweet like this is like offering those last tasty/necessarity tweets next to the cash - knowing you're about to leave, pressures's on to get what you can before you leave the store behind.

Just imagine what TimHortons could do if they had access the timing and hashtags of other events. 

That's how Open Data works.  It worked for Tims - hopefully, int'll benefit other companies down the road.

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