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Friday 30 May 2014

#WeAreOpen to Memes!

The endlessly creative Richard Pietro has put together some Open Gov/Open Data memes.  They're pretty funny.

Funny + creative = inspirational.  It makes you feel like sharing, maybe even adding your own spin.

Which is why I'm throwing these into the mix, too:

This Is Sparta Meme -  #WEareopen!!!

The obvious.

Silence of the Lambs - it will make its data machine readable

What? It's got a cute puppy in it...

the hills are alive - the web is alive with open data

You don't need to pin a cloud - you can join in it!

one-does-not-simply-a - one does not simply keep public data closed

Government should not be like Mordor.

I Dont Always - open government? now that is interesting.

We don't always open our data... but we should.  And make it machine readable.

han solo pointing it out - alright govenment let's open this data -  it shouldn't take a rebellion

Or a Peaceable Revolution, if you'd prefer...

Casablanca2 - i think this is the beginning of a beautiful, open government

It's happening, one way or another, so -

Prepare yourself - brace yourself for open government

After all, it's Spring.

See? Nobody Cares - omg!! they're opening up public data! see? they're not worried - why are you?

Will there be some uncomfortable truths revealed?  Yeah.  Be open, be honest, and invite people to be part of the solution - you'll be surprised how well people respond to actual leadership.

Success Kid - got open data solved your problems for you

'Cause no one person, Party, ideology or department has all the answers.  Create entertaining platforms for people to participate in, they'll bring the options to you.

lostlo - systems = live together                                                      silos = die alone

To paraphrase Jack Sheppard - we are all here and we're going to be here, together, a long, long time.  If we can't learn to do the open and collaborative thing, we will keep cycling back to the same problems of economic instability, poverty, bad decisions made with poor data in closed rooms, so on and so forth.

Strong individuals for a strong society.

Open Government supporting a Responsible Society.

These aren't the droids - #Weareopen the change we are looking for

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