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Sunday 16 February 2014

I have been shot at by real bullets

Andrew Leslie just gained himself a host of fans with that statement, while also hopefully bringing some clarity to the discussion. 
All partisans over-inflate their strengths and their opponents weaknesses.  Whether it's tanks in your streets or illegal coalitions, we make mountains out of molehills, making war games out of politics.
We have no appreciation of how good we have it here - nor, apparently, do too many of our leaders.  We call for elections here in Canada - not heads.
But Leslie goes on:
Anyone can complain when they're fired upon.  That's not exceptional.  The tough might be able to take a hit and then hit back with equal or greater force.
What makes a leader, though, is the ability to turn everything into an opportunity to support the people, especially those in greatest need.
We keep saying we want our politics rough and bloody, because it's under fire that you see the true measure of a person.  Leslie is under fire now - and if he continues in this vein, he's going to bring into clarity just what we've been missing.

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