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Tuesday 17 November 2015

SyrianRefufees: Roadmap to Community

Image of Poverty Reduction Strategy roadmap

Taken from the Toronto Strong Neighourhood Strategy.

What would a process map like this look like in relation to the settlement of Syrian Refugees in Canada?  How could it be part of a package they get before coming here or upon arrival?  How about a similar map/package for communities being settled in for what to expect?

What about something similar that identifies the needs of settlers?  IE, if we know that a mother and two kids (none with English) is settling in community X, they would need:

BASIC NEEDS - shelter, access, grocery stores, transit access to schools, translation services, perhaps work, etc. 

COMMUNITY NEEDS - after-school space, extracurricular, community educational programming, what else?

Maybe all this is being done and done well already.  If it were, though, so many engaged partners wouldn't be looking for it (or looking to create it), would they?

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