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Sunday 1 November 2015

Old Scares in New Places

From a Liberal fundraising email sent out on Halloween:

But with the Conservatives already fundraising against us -- as their latest fundraising email put it, “to build a formidable opposition to Justin Trudeau’s Liberals” -- we can’t stand still for one moment. We need to keep strengthening this movement we’ve built.
That’s why we need you to help us finish October strong with a donation right now.

This is how fundraising works - identify a threat and make it crystal clear why your donation is required so the good guys can fight that threat.  And yeah, in modern politics, you do need a lot of money for those expensive ad buys.

Two points to consider:

- it's the job of the official opposition to oppose

There are myriad reasons why the Trudeau-led Liberals won the election.  A big part was what Trudeau represented - hope, hard work, a new way of doing politics.  Another huge chunk was what Harper represented - the worst of selfish, autocratic, divide-and-conquer leadership.

Yes, the Liberals need to keep fundraising - that's part of what parties do.  They must be very cautious, however, to remember why they are in this business.  It's not about having the biggest war chest for barrages of ads between campaigns.  It's hopefully not about ensuring the next Conservative leader is DOA.  And it's not about developing a closed, efficient machine like the Tories had.

The conservatives are neighbours, remember?  It's okay for neighbours to disagree - what matters is the dialogue between them.

It would be truly frightening if the new team has forgotten these lessons learned by so many teams so recently already.

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