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Monday 17 November 2014

Premier Mom, the Backpacker: Why Authenticity Matters

Came across this doing some research on businesses seeking a toe-hold in Canada:
Anyone who's known Ontario's Premier Kathleen Wynne knows she doesn't do fake.  She doesn't put on airs, she doesn't pander; she does try to get her messages across, but realizes that's only half of communication.
She's been the exact same person since before she first ran for office and it doesn't look like her current office is changing her any, either.
Wynne's not afraid to let her maternal instincts show through; she's also completely comfortable geeking out when she's amazed by something:
She doesn't waver in what she believes, she recognizes she's not perfect and she's not into playing the traditional nationalist domination game. 
The fact that she is willing to look Chinese officials in the eye and say "you don't necessarily want to follow our model, there are things we can learn from you but on human rights, honestly, you're approach isn't doing yourself any favours" makes a difference.
She's about solutions, not about superiority.  She wants her international peers to do just as well as her province, but she's also quick enough to inject a bit of sales magic into the conversation.
Every leader of substance that meets with Kathleen Wynne walks away impressed.  Here's a person I can work with, they say - here's one I can learn from.
No energy is wasted on reading between the lines, parsing spin and seeking hidden intent.  There is none.  Wynne is Wynne.
That's why we love her.  And that's why she's a winner.


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