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Sunday 2 November 2014

Is the Lid Off?

This is about the CBC, of course, in light of the snowballing scandal around Jian Ghomeshi - one which has found life in no small part due to social media.
There's precedent for this, isn't there?  We're hearing more and more stories like this as watering holes shrink in the media, in business, and in government.  Those struggling to make a living and used to being told which improprieties they have to put up with from those at the top are no longer sharpening their knives so as to become those at the top.  Even some of those in positions of power, aware that the world isn't so siloed and opaque as once it was are starting to open up about their misgivings as a defense mechanism.
Altruism is selfishness that plans ahead.  Morality is something nurtured within, not imposed from without.
Those who have found success the old-fashioned way will tell us this is all window dressing, a tempted in a teapot, a fad that will quickly pass as people move on and the status quo resumes.
Social evolution suggests otherwise.  But hey, if you're so confident, what need have you to think ahead, eh?

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