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Monday 3 November 2014

Catalyst for Conscious Society?

We don't want productive conversations.  At best, we're Socratic - we want to pick at each other with the hope of chipping away some already-formed perfect solution.  At worst, we're focused on individual wins, on low-hanging fruit, on taking what we want when we want it.
Think about it for a second - we have lost of advice for what we label as underperformers or victims; for the people at the top, it's either accolades or attacks. 
We generally suck at the conversation thing, which makes sense - communication remains the greatest human challenge.
It's one that involves empathy, patience, a willingness to empower and invite.  To communicate is to be open, transparent, vulnerable.
To communicate is to create something new.
Predators have no patience or interest in communication - for them, communication is messaging, relationships are transactional and existant spoils are what go to the victor.
Any act of creation is an act of love, be it a child, an idea or a society.
Things to think about.

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