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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

It Doesn't End Here


Multiple shots were fired within Parliament here on Wednesday morning, and police officers rushed to secure the building and move occupants to safety.

Take a moment and reflect on this.
Canada is a country of complacence; we can count the horrific acts of political terrorism that have happened on our soil on one hand.
What's happening right now has no precedent in our country.  Culturally, it's not a reality we've ever had to deal with.
Canadian politicians may exaggerate threats, pick fights and the like, but this goes beyond partisan rhetoric. 
What's happening now is not localized to Canada, either - there is a tectonic shift happening in the global village that will be reflected on as an end of an era and the beginning of a new one, many years from now.
But we don't live in the future; we live in the present.
The beliefs we tell ourselves matter to us are under attack from without and from within.  There are no clear bad-guys or good guys; that's a simplistic narrative that has an unrealistic closed end.
We need to understand context, content and consequence of every action we take now and what it will lead to next.
Now is a time of great challenge and change.  It's not going to be pleasant, but we can come through more adapted as a society on the other end.
We have to want this, though.  We have to start embracing that other half of rights and freedoms, ie responsibility.
Are we open to change? 

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