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Thursday, 23 October 2014

ISIS and the Lioness

The men puff out there chests, go off to fight, come back to plant their seed, be taken care of by their mates.
Meanwhile, the females are responsible for rearing the young, food gathering and preparation, and safety.
Is that what God intended?
If you look at the human genome and then look at some of our primate cousins, it's not hard to fathom that, at some point in the past, that's exactly what our species was like - territorial, predatory males and homebound females.  In fact, there's plenty of that in recorded history.  If anything, the story of civilization and our growth as a species is the movement away from this model to one where women are more empowered and responsibilities are more equally distributed.
ISIS is not a precursor to the apocalypse; it's a step back from social evolution.
Which is fine, because the rules of evolution are quite clear - that which adapts, survives.
That's the thing about apocalyptic ideologies; ultimately, they aren't about the end of the world; they're about extinction.
Something to think about.

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