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Friday 24 October 2014

Fear and Freedom: Tangled in Strings

Pinocchio is a cute story about a puppet who becomes a real boy.  It's endearing, empowering, positive.
The use of the "no strings" song in Age of Ultron is none of those things.  It sees freedom of the subservient creature as menacing, frightening.  We've made a monster that we cannot control, and now our survival is at risk.
Intentional or not, that's a very timely theme.  Radicalized youth are to be feared.  The private sector is frustrated with millenials that don't want to play the same employment game they do.  There are a growing number of movements with increasing legitimacy that are questioning and openly challenging the very structure of our social, economic and governance models.
It's a dangerous time.  It's an exciting time.  There is much disruption, much anxiety, but there is also hope.  We don't know what's going to happen next.  It is, truly, up to us.

Why does the gay little dicky bird sing?
What put the "zing" in a butterfly's wing?
What's the reason for the smile of a troubadour?
Why does the breeze have a barrel of fun?
Even the bee who's a son of a gun
It's all because they're free
And stringless the same as me
I've got no strings and I'm so glad
No strings at all to make me sad
I had strings but now I'm free,
There are no strings on me

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