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Friday 12 April 2013

What Success Looks Like

People don't like complexity.  It strains the brain and takes time.  The most efficient way to get between two points, obviously, is a straight line.
But success isn't a destination - it's an achievement.  Some people are lucky and have the stars align for them; they have a mentor who opens doors or a family member who opens doors.  They're born with the right genetic gifts that attract success to them.
For most people, though, success comes through countless iterations of trial and error, course correction and a constant deepening of one's understanding of the market.  It's messy, convoluted and requires soul-searching and contemplation - all things we don't have the time for.
Success isn't a big reward you get at minimum personal cost; it's something that comes at the end of significant investment, often in the face of an uncertain outcome.
Is it any wonder innovation is sluggish in an environment that focuses so heavily on demonstrable ROI?

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