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Tuesday 9 April 2013

Value Add Ontario

The Government of Ontario is creating opportunities for youth to share their ideas and develop presentation skills at the same time.
Oh - and they're also empowering every single Ontarian to offer their five cents on the upcoming Ontario budget - share your ideas through or via twitter: @Ongov #budgettalks.  This is significant; by offering a positive outlet, the government is encouraging creative contributions, much as the Rural Roundtable did over the recent leadership race.
On top of this, the LPO has become more inclusive in their tone and opened up things like a major fundraiser dinner to the public.
They're letting people in and engaging them - and bringing the conversation to where the people are. 
Will this approach work?  Let me put it this way - nobody has asked me to promote these opportunities.  I'm doing so because the idea is so cool, I want to take part.
It's amazing how little it takes to get the stone rolling.

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