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Wednesday 24 October 2012

Deeds, Not Words, Define You

You know what's ironic?  Many a bureaucrat I know at Queen's Park felt the same way under the Harris government.  I can think of a couple of folk in particular that singled out Tim Hudak for his "management style."  Hudak would never carry the hammer - he'd walk around and be chummy with the bureaucrats.  He always wanted to be seen as likable.  Seeing him, though, sparked fear in the hearts of staff, for shortly after Hudak passed, his Chief Bulldog would come behind and bark orders and lay down the criticism.
There's a modus operandi here - not one reflective of the Conservative Party, but the current crop of political operators specifically.  They see government as a business and employees as just another resource to be used and abused as they please.  These folk see the public as consumers - so long as you give them bread and circuses, the process doesn't matter.
It's not your words, but your actions that define you - and the same actors that were behind Mike Harris and are propping up Stephen Harper now are the same ones working the Hudak PC machine.

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