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Wednesday 24 October 2012

Donald Trump - the Russell Oliver of US Politics

Was it going to be a divorce shocker?  The revelation that Obama was actually born in Area 51?  What juicy political gossip did Trump have up his sleeve?
Actually, it turns out he had nothing up his sleeve other than money.  His big, revealing announcement wasn't announcing anything revealing at all - he simply wanted to put out an offer, money for what he hopes is "dirt" on the President. 
Just like the Cashman, execpt with records in place of jewels or gold.
Trump is a hugely successful businessman, just as Romney is.  Their approach, though, is terrible for politics.  It'll rile up the already-converted, sure, but will turn off the average undediced voter and will actuallly work against the GOP.
Money can buy you many things, Mr. Trump, but political sense isn't one of 'em - and neither is integrity.
Oh, yeah!

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