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Tuesday 23 October 2012

Horses and Bayonets Get the Meme Treatment

Like binders full of women before it, the moment Obama dropped that zinger, the tweet-o-sphere was predicting an ensuing meme.  It didn't take long!
The go-forward question is, how can you channel the power of the meme as a force for good?

Memes are coming...

Sean Bean, the meme machine:

Kinda appropriate for the bicentennial of 1812... it's got the horses and bayonets at least!

Risque, taking the Romney's an elite" into "like a plantation owner" territory...
Carried on by connecting his supporters with grey coats
If Romney's only the apprentice, does that mean Dick Cheney's still active?

Yee haw!  Though I question whether Romney knows how to ride...

More direct

Damn it, Barry - you sank my campaign!

Damn it, Ryan, I told you to fetch the horses and bayonets, not a bird!
There are so many ways you can play with this.  Take any pop-culture phenomenon, affix horses and bayonets, and you have something that someone like me will endless post and share.  There is, however, the ever-present risk of taking it too far, both in terms of demonizing the target and creating additional offense with the comparisons.
If used wisely, though, memes are communication gold.  You don't need to go @vikileaks for traction - it's the #tellviceverything's that leave an impression, empower people to engage and can be fun, too. 

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