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Sunday, 23 August 2015

The CCE CSI FacebookTakeover begins!

There is nothing wrong with your Facebook page.

Do not attempt to adjust the picture; I am controlling the feed.

I control the horizontal
I control the 

You are about to experience the awe and mystery that reaches from DECAdom at CSI to the limitless possibilities of the Open Movement.

Welcome to the CCE CSI Facebook takeover!

This will be a dignified, very CSI-esque takeover.  I was invited, after all.  Having said that, the next week will also be a bit of a hack; while I was invited to spend the week talking about some of the DECA-dent projects I'm involved with, there's just too much fun stuff going on to stop there.

For those of you won don't know me, I'm a DECA (Desk Exchange Community Animator) at CSI Regent Park; if you've been there on a Tuesday over the past few months, odds are we've already met.

My name is Craig Carter-Edwards, though I'm better known as CCE.

I am one of the faces behind Wakata Inc, a public affairs firm with social purpose.  That purpose, boiled down, is to help individuals and organizations maximize their potential and build the partnerships they need to change the world for the better.

Which is why CSI has rapidly become a home away from home for me.

What I specialize in (and draw the most satisfaction from) is empowering grassroots leaders with the tools and capacity they need to spark the interest of corporate and government players.  

As more and more people at all levels recognize that we've passed a social tipping point and are trying to figure out what government, business, collaboration and engagement look like in a 21st Century reality, these connections are getting easier and easier to make.

Over the next week, I will share with you some powerful stories about how that change is manifesting with boundary-pushing DECAs at CSI, with virtuously scheming public servants in government and with change-making civic catalyst groups like Why Should I Care and Samara.

Displaying IMG_20150823_122853.jpgThe people you will meet are literally building the future of Canadian society and, in some cases, beyond.  Even better - a surprising number of them play the ukulele.

Oh - and as I'm hacking the purpose I was given, I invite you to do the same.  Feel free to share your projects and ukulele-playing videos on CSI's Facebook page or on Twitter using their handle @csito and the hashtag #ukuleleawesome.

After all - what's the point of a takeover if you can't bring your friends with you?  

What you've got then is a movement.

So strap in and prepare yourself for one hell of a ride; the adventure begins now.

PS - If you missed Ellen Yu's #ukeleleawesome contribution when it first aired, here it is again.

CSI Takeover - @csiTO #CCETakeover #UkuleleAwesome

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