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Friday 2 January 2015

Arrogance and the ISIS Parable

ISIS is a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  It's worth noting that, for a collective apparently pursuing an Armageddon agenda, they're pretty focused on governance and infrastructure.
Yet what are the marketing strategies they're using for recruitment?  Are they bringing in and, once they've got 'em, training their militants for a sustained conflict and perpetual suppression of a local populace?
I'd say the short answer is no.  ISIS recruits aren't prepared for consequences, nor is ISIS itself.  They feel they can carve out a corner of the world, scare off outsiders and set up their own feudal enterprise.
They'd do well to study why feudalism fell in the first place.
ISIS is sloppy.  It's people are sloppy and can't but be sloppy because of their starting premise.
Nobody can bring about the end of the world.  But they can sure end themselves if they don't think ahead.
And the only way to think ahead is to think empathetically, which is exactly what ISIS-ians are trained and encouraged not to do.
There's a lesson in this.

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