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Friday, 19 September 2014


ISIS really wants a global war.  They're totally focused on catalyzing the Apocalypse.  To get what they want they are turning to increasingly extreme recruitment tactics, including deception.  At the same time, their methodology is brutal; they do unto human beings all kinds of things not permitted by the book they claim to follow.

They have spun the words and tried to redefine terms like "crusader."  It's worth recalling the actual crusades - Christians were called to the Middle East to fight off the Mohammadians in the Holy Land.  The kinds of people who answered that call to duty weren't always in it strictly for the cause; many of them didn't have better prospects at home.  Others saw opportunity for power.  More just wanted to get their hands dirty.

As ISIS issues it's call to arms, bringing in foreign money and foreign fighters to occupy the Middle East, it seems pretty clear that they, not the US, are the occupiers.

One more reason why it behooves those being targeted for recruitment to really think through the options being presented to them.

It's quite possible that they're landing on the wrong side.

After all, it won't be the one-eyed ISIS kings in a land of blind terror that pass the final judgement.  

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