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Friday 8 August 2014

Lost and Found, at the End - a Pitch to Damon Lindelof + Careton Cuse

It just so happens I've got a pitch for a show in my back pocket that may just be of interest to Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.
Without giving too much away, the inspiration came to me one day as I was riding the subway to downtown Toronto, thinking about LOST.  There was a sudden, unexplained stoppage during which people started to make awkward, comfort-building conversation with the complete strangers nearby them, as we do in such situations.
Eventually, we were notified that the system had been shut down, a vague emergency was hinted at.  This was around the same time as a terrorist attack had happened - I can't remember which one.  We existed the train at a spot other than our destination, all together, confused and worried what this meant.
For a brief moment we strangers were a community exiting the station into unchartered territory.
As my brain does, strands came together - the station, the situation, the broader context and LOST.  I thought of the stories of the people around me, how I had brief glimpses of who they were beneath their personas.  The idea of the subway system as an updated version of Plato's Cave came to mind.
From such beginnings are great stories born.  Mine's been fleshed out into a story arc that would run several seasons, each one spinning the show in a different direction, peeling another layer off of the characters we know as we, and they, get to see what it is people and society are really made of.
I'd be happy to discuss it with anyone willing to put some dollars behind some development.

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