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Tuesday 10 December 2013

Mission Statement: The Courtyard of Common Ground

For those in the healthcare field, Courtyard Group may not have the best reputation, but their mission statement was absolutely brilliant and the approach increasingly being taken by players seeking market share across the spectrum.

Everyone's got skills, secret techniques and individualized networks.  Given a specific challenge, you can always find one man to tighten, one man to ratchet and one to reach and pull the cord, keeping your company moving in one direction.  In fact, you can find several; then you just have to pick the cheapest offering.

When you run out of road or come to a cliff, though, choosing between wheels isn't going to keep you moving forward.  You need someone who casts their vision beyond the obstacle and has both the will and capacity to build a bridge, pull together a new machine or design a new approach to get you where you're going.

Oh - and a thing about courtyards; they're the definition of common ground.

Here's the approach that not only fosters a unique value-add, but also makes you a leader:

Courtyard Group Mission

It’s all very well and good to say that our mission in life, our reason for being is to transform healthcare.  But what do we really mean and what do we really do to bring about change for our clients?  It’s no secret trick, no sleight of hand – we transform healthcare by enabling our clients to achieve sustainable outcomes.  Our difference is that we see the bigger healthcare picture and we are always ‘results’ focused rather than ‘services’ focused.  We adopt international best practices and implement them in local settings.

Is this really different?  Absolutely.  We aren’t just trying to be different for the sake of being different; we are different because healthcare around the world needs to be changed, the old ways just aren’t working.  To make healthcare better, the outcomes must be tangible for patience AND healthcare providers alike.  We’re not interested in technology implementations on their own merit.  However, when technology transforms the way doctors or specialists prescribe drugs and the result is that medication errors are drastically reduced; or when technology enables patients to get the right care at the right time; or when process, policy and strategy change enable providers, hospitals or primary care trusts to be more efficient and provide better care to their local communities and reduce patient death from chronic disease those are the kind of outcomes we live and breathe for.

To truly transform healthcare, a common goal must be in sight.  We are not trying to impose our own agenda or services on our clients.  We listen to our clients and the industry and have focused our efforts on areas in healthcare where we feel we can have the most impact and where our clients can realize the greatest outcomes.  We call these areas our Specialities and they are avenues by which we help our clients bring about change.

Our Specialities answer the question of what we do, and more importantly, why we are unique.  We are healthcare specialists.

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