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Thursday 12 December 2013

Living On the Edge of Emergence

#LiveDieRepeat all over again!

Since we already know there are no new stories under the sun (only new retellings) you'd think that by now, we'd be more consciously recognizing the underpinning themes.

I mean, The Hero With A Thousand Faces was written in 1949 - and the concepts within Campbell's words have been winked at by countless writers over the course of history.

There's the fall.  We were better off, once - happier, more in control, stronger, healthier, more in tune with The Presence.  

There's the cycle.  Death, rebirth, the slow progress towards understanding over time.  

There's the enemy.  External, alien, inscrutable and as often as not expressed as a hive mind, like a murmuration.

There's tomorrow.  It can be represented by light, by nothingness, it can lie before us or behind us but is always a world removed from the matrix of our present.  

There's the Presence; a Force or Being that is unknowable, not the enemy but somehow beyond us all and conducting events in some purposeful direction.

And of course there's us, living on the raggedy edge.

Between us and the temporal or physical Undiscovered Country of tomorrow lies cataclysm, some horrific event we fear (or hope) will rip our world open and forever sever our connection with where we are now.  

If we can somehow navigate all these competing pieces, at the end lies emergence.


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