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Wednesday 4 September 2013

Nurturing Diversity: The Garden of Good and Evil

That which adapts, survives - and thrives.  Where does adaptation come from?  Diversity.  If you want to stay the same forever, try building firewalls around yourself and keep the rest of the world out.  Japan did that.  The Ottoman Empire did that.  North Korea, enabled by China, is pushing that experiment about as far as it can go.

Without change, stagnation and rot sets in.  Always does, always will.  If the people beyond your walls don't knock them down (their superiority due to the laws of adaptation), the weeds will eventually force their way through, cracking your defences.

Diversity is not a threat - change is not a threat.  Change is inevitable; diversity is strength.

The role of government isn't to segregate its citizenry nor to allow each to grow wild - that leads to a tangled mess and eventually, brushfire.  

True leaders are like gardeners, seeing neither good nor evil but the potential for sustainable growth.  Plant the seeds, nurture systematic growth, reap what you sow, etc.  It's something to chew on, at least.

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