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Thursday 5 September 2013

Alyssa Milano / Miley Cyrus Action!

(Funny or Die)

Cyrus got her headlines, all right - most of them negative.  Maybe she sells a couple more albums out of this, maybe not, but by not thinking her actions through she has done nothing for her brand.  She hasn't made history - she's briefly scandalized a couple of folk who will have already moved on to the next shock-and-awe story - like, say, the terrible plight of Syrians.

Then, there's Alyssa Milano, who until now I recalled as the kid from Who's The Boss.

Milano created the situation, tapped into the same emotional triggers that Cyrus used and then redirected focus on a human catastrophe.  Well planned, well executed and I guarantee there are a ton of people, like me, who are going to look at her with a new perspective - one based on respect, not disappointment.

Cyrus, whatever - kids in their skivvies acting inappropriate are a dime a dozen.  A woman with a critical mission, a thorough understanding of how to use public appetite and social media to her advantage and the strategic sense to follow it through to perfection?  Now that's hot.

And while you're here, you know what's definitely not cool?

Tolerating this.

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