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Tuesday 26 February 2013

The Hudak Tories: The Anti-Party Party

This is not what MPP MacLeod said, though one would think that if she truly believes in the underlying theme, one could apply it in different contexts:
(Words replaced are in bold and italics)
The Ontairo PC Party is against Unions - organizations that provide a collective voice to a labour constituency, but with the corollary of some internal message discipline.
MacLeod and Tim Hudak are really against the idea that individual agents (like teachers, or MPPs) are obliged to hand over portions of accumulated funds to a central agency who might spend it in ways that their constituencies don't approve.  Like, say, attack ads.
They dislike this whole concept so much, they want to pass a Bill that protects individual agents from bucking the mandates of their central organization. 
I'd be real interest to hear what Norm Sterling has to say about this.


  1. I support a Hudak government for Ontario.


  2. Thanks for sharing!

    Do you mean you support Hudak the man as Leader, or the PCs as a Party? What are the things he stands for that you want government to stand for - what are the things he stands against you want to see done away with?