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Friday 1 March 2013

Shared Solutions: Mental Health, Schools and the Workplace

Social media.  Youth.  Proactive engagement.  Safety - and mental health.  In the workplace, even.
Here's three projects that can only benefit through collaboration:
Ontario's Ministry of Labour is holding a video contest for secondary school students or youth aged 18-24. Use your creativity to develop an original video, up to two minutes long, to stress the importance of working safely on the job or about your rights to be paid fairly for the work that you do. The contest closes on April 5th. To apply, please visit
Children's Mental Health Ontario is holding their annual Change the View video contest, encouraging youth to make a video demonstrating what students' schools can do to create a supportive environment for students experiencing mental health issues and addictions.
The Federal Ministry of Labour has created a set of voluntary standards to promote psychologically safe workplaces; a great initiative that needs to be advertised as far and wide as possible.
You simply can't ask for better opportunities to develop shared solutions, find efficiency of resources and get best bang for your buck.
This has to happen.

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