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Wednesday 30 January 2013

Obi Wynne Kenobi


More experienced political pundits than I would say this is a tactical error on Wynne's part, not stepping on her opponent's throat while she has the chance.  I say, that sort of short-sighted thinking is what's gotten us into our polarized partisan predicament in the first place. 

By giving Horwath a safe exit, hinting that the initial overture might be nothing more than partisan posturing (which I'm inclined to believe it is) and starting to define the options available, Wynne isn't showing who's boss in an aggressive way - she's demonstrating she's thoroughly in command. 
You can only hold this line effectively and confidently when you're starting from a point of sincerity.
It's an effective approach, one that I doubt either Opposition Leader, but Hudak in particular, is prepared for.
"This little one's not worth the effort. Come, let me get you something..."
If not, there'll be someone else among your ranks who we will be able to work with.  Your choice.

UPDATE:  Kathleen Wynne picks Charles Sousa as finance minister after Sandra Pupatello declines

Why does that remind me of this?

With great calm, Sun Tzu said, “This King is only fond of words and cannot carry them into deeds.”

 Finance Minister is the most influential position in Cabinet, after Premier.  If one is committed to the vision, it's an excellent place to effect change.  Which brings us right back to the opening quote.

Again - brilliant. 

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