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Wednesday 30 January 2013

A Thank You Letter From Gerard Kennedy

I am very proud of the campaign effort that you helped to make possible.

My name was on the banners and the ballot, but our campaign was fuelled by a shared commitment to change, and by volunteer ideas and efforts. The personal sacrifices that so many made, taking precious time from family, holidays and work made a difference.

The change we stood for over 76 days mattered. Change to increase meaningful political engagement of Party members and of residents. Change toward a new culture of enterprising action to transform government and challenge our other sectors. Change to deliver labour peace, equality for women and new Canadians, an economy that would reduce youth unemployment and increase people’s individual potential, as well as an expressly stronger voice for youth in our Party.

The Kennedy Team delegates and volunteers in attendance were a vibrant presence at the Convention, impressing observers and other campaigns alike with your extraordinary passion and high level of organization. We did earn a possible path to victory and the fact it did not emerge was no reflection on your efforts.

Our caucus “huddle” with everyone after 2nd ballot to discuss not only my fate as candidate, but that of the convention, surprised many. It was entirely consistent with the spirit of genuine democratic participation that marked our campaign and I was very glad to be able to submit my recommendation to our group discussion. That both the reaction in the room and in the subsequent ballot showed nearly unanimous support takes nothing away from the ownership that was exercised by all.

There can only be one Leader, and I know you will join with me in fully supporting our wonderful Premier-designate Kathleen Wynne in her leadership of the party and the province going forward. There are many winners, however, in a process that infuses the party with new outlooks and hopes and ambitions. The renewal we advanced will no doubt be evident in the weeks and months ahead. I encourage you to stay involved to help.

Thank you for all your tremendous support for me and for a better Ontario. It was a privilege to be your candidate. Personally, I greatly appreciate the faith and trust you placed in me. It gives me new enthusiasm to contribute in some way in future. For now, I relish the chance to make up time with my kids and enjoy what is an unusual role for me as private citizen.

Best regards,
Gerard Kennedy

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