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Sunday 4 November 2012

I'd Rather Have a Stone than a Cake

False leaders seek to divide their people over small matters, hoarding the best resources from others.  They chow down on the beef while telling the people to eat cake and encourage them to fight over it.  Those who are aggressive take the cake by force and jealously hoard it from others, left cakeless.  The cake tastes great in the short term but leads to gut rot over time and no one gets the nutrition they need. 

This is not leadership - it's a recipe for social malaise.

True leaders seek to bring people together so all may achieve great things collaboratively and together, share the wealth.  They entice the people with a strong vision and encourage them to partake and benefit through sharing.  These leaders put the stone in the soup and lead others by example.  When their work is done, the people say "amazing, we did it all by ourselves."  Thus, society grows stronger and collectively more sustainable.

Lao tzu refers to this kind of leader as The Master.
Which type of leadership is dominant today?  Which do we need, now more than ever?

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