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Friday 7 September 2012

I Don't Think So, Tim...

Tim Hudak can't say nobody warned him.
On just this wee blog, I tried to offer some advice to the PC leader; I actually want to see effective Oppositions, as that's what makes our democracy work.
Alas, Tim chose not to heed this advice, or any of the similar advice that's been directed his way.  In his response to the recent by-election results in Kitchener-Waterloo, he had this to say:
In one foul swoop, he's done the eye-poke and deflected responsibility with nary a mention of Elizabeth Witmer, the PC MPP that held that seat for so long an certainly deserves some emotional support from her former leader.
None of this helps his Party's fortunes, helps Ontario in these challenging times, nor is his performance as PC leader doing anything other than tarnishing his personal brand.
It's not too late for Hudak to change his ways, in one context or another.
I truly hope that Tim Hudak has devoted himself to some introspection; going forward, he needs to either drastically revisit his leadership style or perhaps ask himself if being the boss is really a good fit for him, for his Party, or for Ontario.  He surely has much to offer the Province - just not as a political leader.

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