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Saturday 8 September 2012

Bill Clinton's Tantric Speekmaking

- Bill Clinton 
As someone who actually has read the Kama Sutra, I fully appreciate Scott Feschuk's description of Bill Clinton as a tantric speechmaker.  The man certainly has some skeletons in his sexual closet (Clinton, not Feschuk, at least so far as I know) - but then, to say that trantic sex is just about sex is like saying the Bible is a book about genealogy, or that LOST was about people fighting on an island.
Clinton weaves a tapestry where we are collaboratively the threads.  Like the best of film makers, his words and presentation create a commonality of experience that, even if you don't believe, you can still taste the magic.
Whether you follow politics, enjoy writing or think deeply about the issues greater than our individual selves, watch this speech, and enjoy.  You'll thank yourself for doing so.

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