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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

You Can't Be a Christian and a Traditionalist at the Same Time

At least, Traditionalism in the way Julius Evola meant it:

Brotherly contamination?  Purge oneself of feeling united with others?

That's not true to any religion - in fact, all the world's major religions, including Christianity and Islam, preach the opposite.

The Golden Rule is universal, not individual or national isolationism or superiority.

The story of religion - of faith, and of humanity - has moved in the opposite direction.

The notion of the superhuma n ancestor, of whatever ethnicity, is a myth.  Even the concept of a set, unevolving "race" is pure fabrication.

Diversity is strength.  That which adapts, survives; that which grows in symbiosis with other organisms grows stronger through the process, whether it's genes in a body, individuals in a society, or plants in a garden.  Ecosystems, the meta, are not bred from competition, but co-dependency, the whole that becomes more than the sum of its parts.

Trump, like so many others before him, have sought power by dividing and conquering, by building walls, demonizing specific ethnic, religious or other groups.  Bannon does the same thing, but less from a selfish desire for power than a tribal sense of power that is his tribe's by right.  Like he's being nudged on by a little voice on his shoulder.

Neither Trump, who could care less, nor Bannon, who has gone deep into the "alt-right" land of divide and conquer/tribal superiority and nativism have thought much about the "traditional" origins of such notions.  Nor whom they are attributed to.

If they did, they might find themselves puzzled by the nature of his game.

He's pleased to meet them, though - and hopes they guess his name.


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