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Sunday, 10 January 2016

The Obnoxious Bully

 It's not just true of the Internet Era - it's an historic fact of life.  Except to speak to the obnoxious curs themselves, what they're actually being is VOCAL and ASSERTIVE and REALISTIC.  

History is written by those who wrest the pen from the person who invented it, right?  Whether it's the bully in the classroom or the bully at the State level, bullies are always at the centre of things - because they simply can't have it any other way.

The sad part is how institutionalized this is.  We encourage bullies.  The guys who demand the corner office - because they're worth it, doncha know - are the ones who get it.  The toughest, loudest, most aggressive - the alpha, in other words - is expected to be the safest bet to hand over our security and management to.

In terms of the negative, North Korea exists because it's an irrational bully.  ISIL has exceeded to the extent they have for the sole reason that they're willing to go a step further than anyone else to get what they want.  The Nazis were the same.  It can't, and won't last, but for the foreseeable future, being a bully will continue to bear fruit.

It isn't until individual agency, humility and pro-social foresight are predominant in our gene pool that the bully will be neutered.  

We're getting there - it's just taking a really damned long time.

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