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Thursday 3 December 2015

Humanity: The Force Awakens

"There has been an awakening.  Have you felt it?"

It's hard to imagine you haven't - we're all plugged in these days.  Our social networks are global networks; we are all connected to each other, with real-time events and the points of view that frame them bombarding us at every turn.

"The dark side..."

Civil war.  Abuse of power.  Preponderance of weapons - and the call for more of them.  Displaced people.  Surveillance that puts the safety of The State above that of the people. Terrorism that originates abroad, and on our own shores.  Racism, othering, hatred, the urge to shut out and destroy those we dislike once and for all.

"And the light."

#WelcomeRefugees.  Open Government.  The whole how might we approach to tackling wicked problems.  Story telling, opportunity creation, empathy.  Empowerment - seeing power as something that flows through and binds us all, rather than as a tool to be wielded by the strongest.  A focus not on endings, but new beginnings.

This is the conflict we face, folks.  It's not us vs. them.  It's us vs. ourselves.

We can live together, or we can die alone.  Those are the two options that we have faced, and been reminded of, throughout history.

Which project we opt to finish is our choice, and our choice alone.

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