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Friday 4 December 2015

History's Actors, or Simply History?


The article has inaccuracies in their argument to restrict/control handguns. "You don't take a knife to a gun fight". You carry a gun. If I see terrorist shooting, I'll be involved because I'll be packing a gun for that reason.

Uh-huhn.  The next time an airplane flies into a tower, I'm sure every armed American will rush to the scene and start shooting at the ashes.  They're not gonna stop texting while they drive, though, 'cause that's an infringement of their rights.

How may acts of terrorism have there been in the US?  You're more likely to die in a plane crash - and how often does the average American ride on a plane?

While we're at it - Andrew Joseph Stack.  James J. Lee.  Michael Page.  John Patrick Bedell.Frazier Glenn Miller Jr.

Clearly, all Islamist communists hell-bent in their hatred of American freedoms.

Best to close borders, round up minorities, monitor citizens and pack heat to protect those freedoms, isn't it?

There's cutting your nose off to spite your face, and then there's this.

Fortunately, it isn't a knife these gun-fighters are squaring off against.  It's history.

It's not a fight they can win.  Thank god.

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