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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Accountability in the Age of SM

I have decided to step down as a candidate. Please read my full statement on my FB page:

... which can be found here.

I don't know Ala Buzreba - she blipped onto the radar today and likely will be blipped out before too long.  I hope some sincere self-reflection is in her near future.

What stands out for me, though, is that she stepped down, and did so on the same day the story blew up.  Sure, there was no doubt backroom coaxing on that front, but how often do we see this happen in modern politics?

You can argue the severity; is the vitriol on her page worse/equal to telling Canadians you're with them or with the child pornographers?  To offering political truth versions of the facts that misrepresent the actual truth to the public?  

Stepping down was the right thing to do.  If a young woman at the starting of her career can quickly admit and take responsibility for her poor judgement, you'd kinda hope some of the older war horses might be willing to do the same.

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