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Saturday, 11 October 2014

The Common Ground of Alpha Ignorance

Munira Abukar is a Councilor candidate in Ward 2, home turf for Ford Nation.
She was born in Toronto; Toronto is her home.
The two-step irony in this - the angry Canadians claiming to be Muslims and heading overseas to join ISIS are doing so to escape and vanquish the "filth" they detest here in Canada.  In ISIS-land, women have no power and are actively oppressed, abused, controlled.
Here in Canada, as elsewhere, the Other is being stigmatized - and, as always, women bear the brunt of discrimination more than men.  They also carry the torch of hope more frequently than men - look at Malala as the favourite example of the present.
Angry populists tend to have a couple threads in common - they dislike knowledge, for it threatens instinct; they think fighting is the only solution to any challenge; they fear the notion of powerful women.
If home is the issue, then it's that the walled castle (or Cave) the ignorant crave is in the past, before sociology, before female empowerment.
Everywhere women are empowered, there is education, infrastructure, wealth, prosperity.  Wherever women are impressed, barbarism, ignorance and illness thrive.
Now is the time for leaders like Abukar.  Ignorance belongs in the past

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