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Tuesday 2 September 2014

This is Big: #OGT14 gets endorsed

Those of us who were at the #OGT14 Queen's Park kick-off remember it was a struggle to get permission for a quick pic in front of the Legislature with the #OGT14 before Richard began his epic journey.
He wasn't a celebrity, after all, nor a political pundit with gravitas.  He was simply an engaged citizen with a dream and a journey before him.

That journey - OpenGov on the Open Road, #OGT14 - has proven an inspiration for countless Canadians from coast to coast.  Richard has helped remind us that l'etat, c'est nous when we choose to engage.  He's helped us discover our country and ourselves while spreading the world about why Open Government matters.

From modest beginnings camping in a backyard to being registered as an official event for Canada's Democracy week - many would have said it couldn't be done.

Richard did it anyway.  Not for himself, mind you, but for what he believes we can be when we get informed, engaged and try to make a difference - together.

And this is merely the end of #OGT14 - the journey towards fully Open Gov is just beginning.
It's a great time to be involved, isn't it?

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