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Friday 5 September 2014

Skin in the Game

... with our own troops in harm's way, the trip-wires would be made visible again.

Canada's War-Room folk like to talk about throwing grenades, losing arms and such - all risks taken in a contact sport like politics, right?

I would very much like to know how comfortable any of them would be on the front-lines of an actual war.

Take a quick look at the average political campaign operative, the methodology they use, the priorities they keep, etc.  Then put them alongside an actual soldier from the field.

You'll see just how far the gap is between the War Room folk and the those who have actually lived in the theatre of war.

Which, alas, is kind of how these things start.

No matter how high you climb, always keep one boot on the ground.  That way, everyone knows where you stand -yourself included.

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