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Monday, 29 September 2014

Never Judge What You Don't Understand

Funny.  Judgment is what people do.  We are focused on success, fight, sales, profit, entertainment; we judge people on their ability to these things.  If a human being fails on these fronts, they are not human and therefore not worthy of time.  Hell, they may even feel like lurching hands trying to pull us down into those same, sub-human depths.
Sales is about closing the deal, not about the quality of the product, the integrity of the seller or the comprehension of the client.  We are functionally fixed on sales these days - it's a convenient narrative for the haves, because it absolves them of all responsibility to give back.
Meanwhile, everyone else looks disdainfully on peers that don't help them get ahead and look for tricks and corner-cuts to make a buck, regardless of how or the consequences thereof.  The result isn't a competitive, improved level of service and productivity, as proponents of laissez-faire capitalism want to believe, but a hollowing out of the whole.
If you can't communicate that in a soundbite, though, nobody cares.  You'd have to be crazy to think that far around.


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