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Monday, 29 September 2014

Id vs Super Ego: The Conscious Tonic

Populism is like the teenage brain; emotion runs high and drowns out logic.  It's Id vs. Super Ego.
There are all kinds of examples of populism out there right now, from the crass to the dangerous.  The former, unchecked, invariably leads to the latter, which is why we have a conscience in the first place - it's how we plan ahead.
Therein lies the big secret that's being missed.  When you focus on messaging and attacks both verbal and non-verbal, you're trying to control an opponent or audience.  You want to limit their frame and stoke emotional responses - which is likely what they're trying to do, too.  It's political escalation.
How we redress this isn't through force or functional fixedness, but through the application of behavioural economics.  You can't teach the old maestro a new tune, but you can twig them with a familiar refrain. 
Our is not to do or die - ours is to question why.
Why matters.

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