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Wednesday 9 July 2014

Oh, I hear ya, Steve

What forecasters are focused on monetization?  Could you even touch the depths of the future if you're so focused on your own personal surface?
Not that I'm a science-fiction writer, of course.  My craft is somewhat different.


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  1. Who are you referring to when you say organization? Management, stakeholders, team from different levels, etc.? It's a reality that even when folks start with shared terminology, how they interpret it varies - which is clearly problematic.

    Also, trust, confidence and demonstrated competency are huge, but to paraphrase Ari Goldkind, there are a lot of folk who make great campaigners but poor leaders. What we accept internally as assurance isn't always in lines with the competencies actually required.

    Do PMs need to have a paper that says they're certified? Could/should a test be available online? How to nurture emergent talent in a workspace without necessarily invoking the cost/lost time of a program, if that's not a realistic option?