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Monday 7 July 2014

Control Comes From Within

First control, then everything else.
This is the mentality of The Boss - and it's one too common in the corporate world, in government, in schools, hospitals and yes, between uniformed law-enforcers and citizens. 
First, they say, comes control - then comes accountability.  It's a myth, this - there is never unquestionable control; therefore, accountability worsens, not improves the closer to total control one becomes.  It's as true for individuals (bullying, threats) as it is for government (totalitarianism).
Leadership isn't about control - its about facilitation.  Leaders know themselves, seek to understand others and are constantly mindful of the landscape. 
Leadership isn't about oppressing the others to gain control, but about discipline; when one has self-control, everything else becomes clear.

On the witness stand, one of the officers explained his modus operandi: “First I get control, then I answer questions.” Says Rosenthal, who represented Christopher-Reid’s family, “In my view, it’s astonishing that they wouldn’t answer the question first. It seems to me, in that case, that if they just answered his question it might be a whole different ball game. He had no criminal history. He was just a guy in a state.”

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