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Wednesday 11 June 2014

Who's Going to Win #VoteON? These Pollsters Have the Answer

And how can @forum have the at 19% and have them at 30%? Someone's gonna have some splainin' to do.

Of course they do.  Don't they always?

It must be so.  After all, they do billions of dollars annually, those pollsters.  If their methodology was broken, no one would be using it.

We're rational actors, after all.  Focused on facts, so on and so forth - not succumbing to what's simple, confidently and repetitively articulated.  This is especially true of the people at the top; they all get to where they are because of skill, not bluster.  Right?

It's them sociology-committing behavioural economists you need to worry about.  They do things like ask questions, test assumptions and focus on the mechanics, not the sales.

Forget them, focus on the people at the top.  Only they have the answers - not us, collectively.

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