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Tuesday 10 June 2014

Endings vs Solutions

I've written before about assisted suicide and palliative care.  My greatest concern is that the more we focus on how to stop a problem from existing, the less time we spend on trying to solve it.

In this case, it's pain, community, being a burden.  Healthcare is expensive, people are busy working multiple jobs or being stuck in gridlock - we have collectively put "the economy" above human well-being, and this is part of the price.

It's hardly the only one, though.

I just wrote a post on how politics is all about an end-game that never comes; Opposition continues to exist, no matter how hard you message or crack down.

The same applies to crime and its social determinants; locking up criminals in perpetuity or banishing poor people doesn't make structural problems go away.  Downloading responsibility to other tiers of government or society doesn't work, either.

Band-aid solutions don't cut it.  One-offs designed and delivered in silos aren't enough.

Sustainability isn't a game to be won, it's like a garden that needs constant tending.  

So long as we keep playing whack-a-mole and trying to stop problems from existing, we will never address them successfully.

We need to stop focusing on how we die or how we destroy our enemies and start focusing on how we're going to live, here, together.

Until then we're just wasting time and resources.  So much for efficiency.

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